Shirayuri College

Shirayuri College

History of Shirayuri College

The tradition of love and the spirit of serving others are what we at Shirayuri have inherited from a priest and three nuns who started it all in France three hundred years ago.

Shirayuri College traces its origin to the Convent of Saint Paul Chartre, which was founded in a small village in France at the end of the 17th century. Ever since its founding the sisterhood, with its headquarters in Rome, has taken service and education as its mission; and has devoted itself to educational and welfare activities in countries all over the world.

Activities in Japan began with the arrival of three French nuns in Hakodate, in 1878, with an ardent mission to establish a convent. Three years later, a school was founded in Kanda, Tokyo, beginning the groundwork for Shirayuri Gakuen. In 1965, the present Shirayuri College, a four-year institution, was established.
Since then, the college has been lauded for expanding and enhancing the curricula and educational facilities to include a graduate school for each the four departments, enriching the educational program and providing an education based on the spirit of Catholicism.

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