Shirayuri University


The Founding spirit

The educational philosophy at Shirayuri University centers on helping students develop as individuals in the Christian spirit, with a strong emphasis on the Catholic worldview.
Echoing the founding principle of its parent organization, the Convent of St. Paul of Chartres, the university strives to cultivate women who embody a harmony of intelligence and sensibility.
* The Convent of St. Paul of Chartres

Educational goals: Truth, goodness, and beauty

The educational goals at Shirayuri University are to help each student embrace the quest for truth through the constant cultivation of intelligence, explore the dimensions of morality that transcend an individual’s process of self-realization by deepening one’s love of and service to others, appreciate the beauty in oneself and all of one’s surroundings, and embody a reverence borne of humility.
At Shirayuri University, where the “shirayuri” (white lily) adorns both the institution’s name and the school emblem, our mission is to cultivate proper, humble, dignified, and independent women who combine a well-rounded character and far-reaching perspective with thorough, insightful specialized knowledge.

The School emblem

The Shirayuri University school emblem features a white lily motif, symbolizing the Blessed Virgin Mary—a paragon of inner strength—and signifying the virtues of purity and propriety. The white lily was also the emblem on the coat of arms that the French monarchy bestowed on St. Joan of Arc, the savior of France, making the flower a symbol of Joan’s deep faith and heroism.

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