Shirayuri University



Satisfy your intellectual curiosity and ambition in the two faculties and six departments at Shirayuri University

Study what you want to study and delve deep into what you want to know—all to your heart’s content.
Shirayuri University boasts a diverse curriculum with something for everyone. Covering six unique fields and certification programs, the university’s educational offerings nourish a spirit of inquiry, kindle aspirations, and open up a world of possibilities.

Faculty of Liberal Arts

Learning languages and exploring cultures to develop a broad, international perspective

The Faculty of Liberal Arts, an academic gateway to the studies of Japan, French-speaking countries, and English-speaking countries, helps students develop language skills, encounter literary worlds, and gain a diverse cultural understanding in hopes of cultivating women who value mutual respect and coexistence.

Faculty of Human Studies

Understanding others to help others

Concentrating on children’s culture, developmental psychology, childcare, and primary education, the Faculty of Human Studies aims to provide students with a pathway for studying the nature of humanity and learning how to help others.

Graduate School

Graduate School of Liberal Arts

The Shirayuri University Graduate School is home to five Master’s Programs and three Doctoral Programs, all of which work in close coordination with their corresponding faculties and departments.

Centered on a core educational policy of helping students develop as individuals in the Christian spirit, the Graduate School builds on the academic research foundation of the university’s undergraduate programs to give students a deeper knowledge of their respective fields, nurture students’ research skills, elevate the cultural sphere, and contribute to the welfare of humankind.

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